R200 per month website solution

R200 per month website solution

Our R200 per month website solution has been created with micro enterprises in mind. These are typically folk who are at the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial journey in business, and for whom the perfect balance between marketing and production is almost impossible to attain.

The perpetual cycle of focussing on marketing until the work comes in, and then rapidly changing focus to production until an order has been filled before returning to marketing is one which, out of necessity, characterises the life of a micro enterprise.

A R200 per month website solution is by no means the silver bullet, it will however provide your enterprise with a valuable market presence whilst you are not wearing your marketing hat.

In 2019 a website has become the quickest and easiest way to distinguish between a sole trader and a small enterprise. And we hasten to add that we mean no disrespect to the many sole traders who are highly successful and have no desire to change anything they do, and why would they if it works for them.

Having said this, it is equally important to consider that given the ease with which websites can be created in 2019 using stock images, free content and software, a website presence does not necessarily make a prosperous business .

What else does a R200 per month website give you?

Let’s begin with the most important feature and one which immediately separates your business from the crowd – YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Gmail, iafrica, mweb, yahoo email accounts are best kept for personal. From today you should be using yourname / help / sales / info / support @yourdomain.co.za.

Let’s dispense with the jargon before carrying on.

Website developers the world over relentlessly try to second guess Google, and in so doing often confuse business owners by speaking in a language which few understand. In fact, we are not entirely sure that this is not done intentionally to prepare their clients for disappointment in the effectiveness of their sites.

Terms like; responsive, on-page seo, off-page seo, PHP, HTML, white and black hat techniques, page ranking, page indexing, key word maps, site architecture, inbound and outbound links, alt tags etc can be safely ignored. Why? You will ask, and this is because people far brighter than us have already done this work and given us some really cool free tools to make it easy for website builders.

Content is pretty much everything.

The term ‘CONTENT’ on the other hand IS really important, and it is this this which Google searches night and day in their attempt to deliver relevant information to folk like you and I. How they do this also changes from time to time and some would say this is to keep black hat technicians at bay, and others would say that it is their process of refining their search results. The cynic in me says they do it to make paying for ‘pay per click advertising’ unavoidable.

CONTENT is where the rubber meets the road, and it is generally at this point in the development process that your website builder turns to you for information (facts and figures, mission statement, products and services, images, articles etc.). Accept that this does make you equally responsible for the success or failure of your website.

To be fair to the website builder purists, who charge a lot of money for your website, and even more to market and maintain it. And like any good investment if you are keen to see results quickly you will be disappointed and will have to wait and wait and then wait a bit more. There is a place for these masters of the trade however, and they are generally serving big business.

What do you get for your R200 per month website?

Tempted as we are to impress with the jargon, we can’t very well do that now after telling you to ignore it. We can however build websites, but this too is not very difficult as we have also already told you. And we won’t profess to know exactly what does work since as soon as anyone does, Google will change how they look for and serve your information. We have an idea of what does not work, and we are able to flesh out your content, so it presents an attractive representation of what you do.

Your R200 per month website solution gets you a basic website, with the standard; intro, about us, products and services, gallery, blog, customer testimonials, contact us pages, a handful of email addresses, and hosting. We retain your domain for 24 months while you pay it off so to speak. If you want a really cool theme, a bit like this one you are looking at now, this will cost an additional $15, yip dollars as this is what it costs to buy.

We get that the cynics are looking for the FINE PRINT

It is a limited offer, which is code for it lasts as long as we want it to last, and in your case would be for 24 months. And once your R200 per month website solution expires, you are most welcome to leave it with us, at a really good value hosting fee, or take it away with you.  We have yet to have someone take their website away, just saying…

And for the chancers who will attempt to drive out with a Porsche after paying for a Datsun Go, this won’t work for either of us. Accept that there will be a nominal charge for changes that you wish to have made from time to time. These will always be fair as we detest the many scammers who trap you with an unbelievable offer only to fleece you once you have committed.

We are acutely aware that a happy customer is undeniably the best advertisement for any business, and we know that if we impress you there is a good chance that we will earn a good deal more of your business. And this will give us more reason to impress and offer slightly more than we promise.

If you have got to this point in our R200 per month website solution, and to conclude with, you will have read an article 1057 words long, another good technique in building content and credibility for your website.

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