The cost of payroll services is R15.00 per employee pay run (excl. vat).

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly wage and salary processing services are available
The payroll services would include the monthly statutory and other deductions and net salary payable to employees and detailed on individual payslips.
The following documentation is required in order for LSA to provide this function:
• Copies of registration document (COR14.1, COR14.1A, COR14.3, COR15.1A).
• Copy of SARS PAYE registration document.
• Copy of UIF and WCA registration with the Department of labour.
• Proof of business banking account.
• Employee Identity Document or Passport together with work permit.
• Employee income tax numbers.
• Employment contracts.
• Employee Company benefits such as pension, medical etc.
• Garnishee orders or staff loans.
• Records of leave taken, overtime worked, bonuses or commissions paid.