Are you starting a business?

Are you starting a business?

This is one sure way to start a business.

The article will discuss what we will deliver to your new business venture and in the process, giving it the best chance of success. We believe that this promotional offer represents unbeatable value at a time when your capital is stretching to cover many different business facets. This is especially during the 1st year of your business.

The fine print of how to start a business.

Before we list the inclusions of our how to start a business offer, let’s get the terms and conditions out of the way. This is because we simply don’t believe in hiding the small print at the end and we believe that you will find them to be very good value. This is quite apart from the fact that your ongoing obligations are mandatory to remain legally compliant with both SARS and CIPC.

Beyond your set-up fee of R1,999 you will be required to commit to a 12-month contract during which we will recover your annual fees in 12 equal amounts to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of your financial year.

The monthly charge will be R575 and this includes the following;

  1.  Annual Financial Statements.
  2.  Company Income Tax Returns.
  3.  Annual CIPC Returns.
  4.  Provisional Tax Returns.
  5.  Web site hosting.

How to start a business – The Offer.

Our promotional offer of R1,999 includes the following;

  1. Company Registration – This includes; reserve company name, company registration certificate (COR14.3), income tax registration number, memorandum of incorporationshare certificates for all shareholders and business share register.
  2. Logo Design – We will design 5 logo options (.png, PDF and .jpeg formats) and provide an opportunity for you to make amendments on your selection.
  3. We will register your domain, assuming it is available, and if not we will provide you with some alternatives which are available.
  4. We will create up to 15 email addresses for your domain.
  5. We will build a 5 page website based on freely available WordPress templates. This excludes shopping cart functionality.
  6. We will create your social media accounts for your business.

How you start a business checklist.

To get going we are going to need the following from you;

Company Registration;

  1. 4 x proposed names for your business in order of preference.
  2. Name, Surname, addresses & certified copy of ID or passport (not older than 3 months) for all shareholders together with their % shareholding.
  3. Name, Surname & addresses & certified copy of ID or passport (not older than 3 months) for all directors. Proof of address not older than 3 months.
  4. Business address of company together with proof of address not older than 3 months. Should you be running your business from home; a statement to that affect only is required.
  5. Month upon which the year-end must fall.
  6. A short description of what your business will do.

Business Logo;

Whilst we can assume some information from the short description of what your business will do, a logo is an extremely personal choice and we would like to be as close as possible with the options that we provide. For this reason it will be helpful if you are able to describe or provide an example of what you have in find.

Domain & Email Registration;

Given the millions of domains registered today in the world, it can be safely assumed that sought after domains and a great many others are no longer available. The more generic in nature your preferred domain is, the greater the chance that it will be unavailable. We therefore ask that you provide us with a number of options in order of preference, and should none be available we will revert and ask for more until we are able to register your best available option.

Once we have secured your domain, and for the duration of your contract period and any extensions beyond that, we will host your domain and up to 15 email addresses.


We will build a 5 page website for your business based on WordPress infrastructure (the majority of websites in the world today are built on WordPress platforms). Our standard offer is based on Twenty Twenty theme, however you are most welcome to select any theme of your choice, and costs relating to purchasing a preferred theme will be recovered from you – an example is this website which is one of many thousand website themes, and in this case the cost is $20.

Hosting of your domain is provided on a fair disk usage policy which is more than sufficient for most new businesses. We have a dedicated bulk web hosting facility with Xneelo (formerly Hetzner), and information of fair usage can be obtained on their website and specifically with respect to basic packages.

IMPORTANT; It probably goes with saying that with end user technology which is readily available today and the ease with which websites can be built, building a website is a relatively easy process with a little bit of IT knowledge. Content will always be a little more difficult to create, particularly when creating content which is designed to rank on search engines. The vast majority of website builders are simply going to populate your website with content that YOU provide and, in our opinion, you might just as well do it yourself. At Core Business Elements we will, within limits, assist you in creating engaging content.

Social Media Accounts.

We will register and set-up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We also provide additional social media marketing on a retainer basis if required and have a proven track record in this regard, please feel free to ask about this.

Congratulations!  You are about to embark on one of life’s most exciting journeys and we will be delighted to support you in this endeavor through our how to start a business offer, contact us at

We wish you every success.