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Welcome to Registered Accountants.

We are a private accounting and administration practice based in Port Elizabeth.

Established in 2005, Registered Accountants is a versatile accounting practice, which provides an array of financial, statutory, and administration services; tailor made for small to medium enterprises (SME’s).
We pride ourselves in assisting clients in a variety of sectors including; manufacturing, tourism, construction, wholesale and retail trade, finance, real estate, and business services.
We are qualified and registered Independent Reviewers, Accountants, and Tax practitioners registered with the South African Revenue Services.
We also boast membership to Chartered Secretaries South Africa and the Chartered Institute of Business Management. We have been on the Register of Members in Professional Practice since 2004.

Small and medium sized businesses across South Africa frequently face similar problems, and specifically, in the case of ordinary business paperwork, difficulties relating to basic business administration and statutory compliance. Very often small businesses are not aware that non compliance penalties may well be mounting, and ignorance of these is sadly, no excuse. There is a wealth of business administration information on google but, only if you know what you are searching for.

LSA Registered Accountants has endeavored to present the most frequently required administrative functions, all of which can ensure that your business remains compliant but, above all, can provide essential business information.

One of the single biggest operating challenges that LSA Registered Accountants deals with regularly involves the difference between profit and cash flow, remember that many profitable businesses go out of business. Ensuring that your business administration processes are efficient and yielding accurate reports will provide you with a wealth of information upon which to determine exactly how to manage the relationship between profit and cash flow.

Another challenge facing many businesses involves; funding, loans, tenders etc. Almost always, a tax clearance certificate is required in order to progress your business, and financial statements will be required at some stage. It is worth knowing how your business can ensure that it provides its financial statements when required and, that you may not require an audit to achieve this. Read our article on the difference between an Audit and Financial Review.



It gives me great pleasure to present my box of slips, statements, and invoices to LSA each year and sit back and wait for my financials. Johan Pretorius.

Jeep Properties

It is with pleasure that I am able to endorse the services of LSA Registered Accountants, my business make use of several of their accounting services, including Independent Review, which has represented significant cost savings over the annual audit which I was compelled to undergo each year prior to the changes in the Companies Act. …

Saracen Meats

What can I say; I hate administration! I cant even pretend to be interested, and I have no choice but to place an extraordinary amount of trust in a company which is maintaining my business administration and is able to answer my questions in really simple language. I am please to report that my business …

Wilderness Explorer

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